What Is Key Fob And How It Works
What Is Key Fob And How It Works

May 15, 2021

What Is Key Fob And How It Works

A key fob is a wireless electronic device used to open or unlock doors electronically. This device uses radio frequency identification (RFID) to lock or unlock doors and perform other actions such as starting the ignition. The device also includes a panic button that flashes lights and blares the horn. A key fob not only protects your car from theft but also provides an easy and convenient way to access your car or building. Besides, key fobs provide an additional layer of protection for your car or building. If you need key fob programming services, get in touch with Fast Austin Locksmith. We provide a wide range of key fob services, including key fob remote repair and replacement. 

How Does Key Fob Work?

Key fobs use a system known as radio frequency identification to identify stored information in the door latch they’re programmed to open.  The RFID system uses an electromagnetic field to locate tags which then provide the stored information to the key fob through radio waves. This system works similarly to the barcodes on products in stores.  A key fob is equipped with a microchip that communicates with the reader in the door latch, indicating that the door should be opened. A key fob user simply needs to wave the device in front of the reader to open a door. 
A key fob must be within a certain range of the car or building to work. When you press a button on your key fob, the CPU inside the device sends a data stream to the RFID which is received by the key fob’s receiver. The CPU decodes the data stream and sends commands to the command module.   

Where Are Key Fobs Used? 

Key fobs are used to provide keyless entry for cars, parking lots, garages, apartments, gym facilities, offices, swimming pools, colleges, and buildings with restricted areas.

What Are The Advantages Of Key Fobs?

Key fobs provide easy entry to cars and other properties as you only need to hold or wave the device within a certain range to open the door. A key fob also provides a higher level of security as you can cancel access on a particular key fob if you want to deny entry to someone. With the help of a key fob, you can secure your car from criminals because it’s only your specific key fob that can start your car’s engine. 

Where Can You Get Key Fob Programming Services?

An experienced locksmith can help you with key fob programming, key fob repair, and replacement at competitive rates. 

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