Ways to Open a Locked Car with Keys Inside
Ways to Open a Locked Car with Keys Inside

Jun 08, 2021

Ways to Open a Locked Car with Keys Inside

It is usually a difficult experience to get locked out of your car. If there are no spare keys in your purse or wallet, you’d become confused about the next step to take.
So, how can you open a locked car with keys inside?  Won’t people think you’re a criminal trying to steal the car?
The fact is getting back in when you're locked out of your car depends on two critical factors;

  • The available tools 
  • The complicity and type of locks installed in your car

In case you have the right equipment on hand, here are a few workarounds or methods that will help you get access to your car.

The Wire Coat Hanger Method

This method is specifically for cars having old-style door locks with little buttons on the window ledge. If you are locked out of the car, get a wire coat hanger, strengthen it and bend the end into a little hook. It’s a trial and error process. Insert the wire coat inside the weather stripping in the window and carefully locate the door button before pulling it up. 
This works most of the time but you need to patiently try it as many times as possible.

The Rod and Screwdriver Method

You have to be cautious using this method because metal objects can scratch or damage the exterior of your car. Get a Phillips head screwdriver and a steel rod, then use the screwdriver to wedge the door and frame apart to make way for the steel rod's entry. Once you have inserted the steel rod, push the unlock button down and gradually open your car.
If done properly, this method will save you a call to the local locksmith and some bucks.

Small Diameter Rope or Shoestring Method

Having available tools for the job is one of the challenges that will make you call for help. That is why using the shoestring is the smartest way to open a locked car.
However, this method only works on cars that are designed with pulled up or pushed down locks also known as post locks. To start, get one of your shoestrings and tie a slip knot (or form an adjustable loop at the end of the shoestring).
Put the string into the car by targeting the locking mechanism. Once you can hook it around the lock, tighten the loop, and pull the string up.
Though it seems simple, you will try many times to be successful, if you’re not a pro.

Use a Strip of Plastic to open the Lock

Get a strip of plastic that is thin enough to slip between the door and the door frame while folded. Bend the plastic in half and slid it through the crack of the door while targeting the locking mechanism. Then pull it up to unlock the door.
This procedure is also similar to the butter knife, bobby pins and paper clip methods.

Call a Locksmith to help you Gain Entrance

If you have tried all the suggested methods and could not get back in, then call a nearby locksmith from Fast Austin Locksmith. We offer round-the-clock services as our locksmiths are always ready to handle your last-minute emergencies.